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Frequently asked questions

regarding virtual office in Milan

How does forwarding the mail operate in case of a virtual office service, business address or registered office in your business centre?

All mail addressed to you that will arrive in our business centre, will be immediately registered in a special file that will be forwarded to you, by email, to keep you constantly updated with all mail arrived or kept in your box. Subsequently the mail will be managed according to the instructions given when the contract was stipulated. It can be re-sent to another address that you supply, every time that you ask or in a weekly rate, twice a month, monthly or more times a week, or, after your written authorization, we could open it and send it to you by email. Generally, the mail is sent by registered letter or courier (by your request), but, if you wish, you could always send a prepaid courier of your trust.

How does forwarding the calls or faxes arrived through the lines of the virtual office operate?

Our multilingual secretaries will answer in your company’s name on your dedicated telephone line, will provide for taking the messages and forwarding them by email, free of charge, in real time one or more times a day, according to your instructions. If you prefer, all your calls or only the most important ones can be transferred to you to a land-line telephone number or to a mobile phone that you indicate, and in this case there is the cost for the time based on the duration of the conversation. As far as faxes are concerned, they will be immediately transferred to you by fax to a number that you indicate or email.

I have a virtual office contract: can I use your offices to meet my clients?

At any moment you can reserve a temporary serviced office where you can meet your guests, the Serviced Office does not provide a specific contract for the use of the office, the reservation is enough.

Can I turn a virtual office contract into one of a residence serviced office?

You can transform a contract at any moment, either for the type of the service or for its length. What remains of the payment made will be accredited on the new contract.

How should I indicate the address on my documentation?

You will simply indicate the address near the name of your business: Studio Alfa s.r.l. – Piazza Quattro Novembre, 4 – 20124 MILANO

How much time do I need to activate a virtual office service?

To activate the contract you need all the necessary documentation that has been listed in the price list that you have received when you asked for information about the service, the copy of your contract is immediately scanned and presented to you for examination; if it is according to all agreed you can subscribe it and, once the rate and warranty deposit are paid, the contract will be active. Thus, the time needed is from one hour to 24 hours for the delivery of the documents and the subscription of the contract.

What documents do I need for stipulating a virtual office contract?

The necessary documents are the following:

  • Copy of the Certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Copy of the VAT Number Certificate
  • Copy of the Memorandum of Association
  • Copy of the Identity Card of the person authorized to sign
  • Copy of the tax code of the person authorized to sign
  • Certificate indicating the place of storage and retention of the accounting books
  • AA7 Form issued by the Tax Revenue Agency (only for the registered office)
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
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