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Frequently asked questions

about the temporary office or meeting rooms in Milan

How much time in advance should I reserve an office in your business centre?

The ideal reservation is the one made two days before use but if you arrive in Milan today and you urgently need to meet one of your clients you can call: 02 – 67.165.231, and we will try to solve your problem.

Are there any discounts for frequent use?

If you need to use the Temporary serviced offices or the Meeting rooms in a repetitive way (once a month, a week) or you simply want to save on the basic rate, you could use the promotional prepaid packages that, beside a high quality/price ratio, offer interesting discounts. (Ask for the price list)

Can I always have available the same office/meeting room?

Yes, it is possible, but only with a programmed reservation that allows us to always reserve in advance the serviced office or the meeting room you wish.

Do I have to inform my clients that I am in your business centre?

If you don’t want to, you can avoid it, it is enough to tell your client your name, your company name and our centre’s address, which in that moment is yours too. The doorman present in the concierge will direct the visitors to the exact floor and, at the exit from the elevators, a company plate will indicate to your guests that their is in the right place, a door always open and a multilingual receptionist will welcome them, will arrange the waiting conditions and will inform you of their presence: at this point the receptionist could accompany your guests to the serviced office or the meeting room you occupy at the moment.

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