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Serviced Offices in Milan

Why choose a residence serviced office in Milan instead of the classic office?

Because, eliminating the start-up costs and the time in search of an office and of staff, you will be able to dedicate yourself completely to the start-up or development of your business supported by a multilingual secretary service at the highest level.

Because you could restrain costs using the business office services only if and for the time you need, deducting them 100%

Because you could choose the period of the contract according to your requirements

World Service offers 18 offices elegantly furnished, located in strategic position at30 m from the Central Station in Milan, featured by sizes that vary from 12 to 30 sq. m. and are capable of excellently hosting from 1 to 4 workstations.

Our business centre wants to step out of the standards existent on the market and offers a personalization of the work environment, in fact our offices are furnished with directional furniture: big glass cupboards, low furniture, large desks and comfortable armchairs in alcantara; enjoyable paintings, warm carpets and beautiful green plants make them pleasant and contribute to their elegance.

Some of the personalization features lead to fit out the classic one workstation serviced office with a meeting angle or, by Client’s choice, with a private lounge. Beside taking care of the aesthetics World Service offers services and technical backup at the highest level: for every office there is provided the attribution of one or more telephone numbers that pass through the operator service with personalized telephone answer, beside the direct line for eventual personal calls or the ones you don’t want to pass through the secretarial service, one central fax number and the mail address that you can indicate in your documentation.

With authorization, you have the option to elect  the office you use as registered address of your business, without any extra charge, presenting, at the end of use, a Chamber certification that attests the transfer of the head office to another address.

All offices are supplied with digital telephones, one fax line or modem and one or more high speed internet connections.

Are included in the rate of the residence serviced office:

  • The use of one or more serviced offices for exclusive use prepared with one or more workstations
  • The attribution of one or more telephone numbers with personalized answer
  • The attribution of one central fax number and one reserved for you directly into your office
  • A secretarial service, that, according to your instructions, provides to the management of the messages received, transfers to you the important calls, tracks you in case of any emergency or informs you immediately with an SMS or email in real time if your mobile phone should not be available.

Our multilingual secretaries will assist you in the best of ways, will manage the in-coming calls even when you are in the office, allowing you to “officially” dispose of a personal secretary, available and present for 11 hours a day, without bearing any costs. A reception service that welcomes your guests, announces them, arranges the waiting conditions if you are momentarily busy and, when time comes, to accompany them to your office.

  • Free use of the Meeting Room, perfectly fit-out, for four hours a month, consecutive and not accumulative, for best organizing your business
  • Illumination, heating and air-conditioning expenses
  • Daily local cleaning and waste disposal
  • Condominium, concierge expenses
  • Activation of phone, data and internet lines
  • Alarm systems
  • Company plate at the elevators’ exit

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