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Virtual office

Have you started a business and you would like to have a professional image without engaging capital in this moment of start-up?

Do you already have a business but in this time of crisis you would like to restrain the expenses?

Would you like to test a new market without investing before you know the results?

The virtual office is the answer to your demands!!!!

The World Service virtual office service includes:

  1. a prestigious address for your head office where you can receive your mail. The secretary will take care to receive your mail and register it in a special file that will be immediately sent to you, by email, free of charge, every time mail arrives.
    If you wish, the multilingual secretary will contact you to report possible emergencies or will forward to you by email or by fax all that is of your interest. The mail could be sent, by registered letter or courier, to an address that you indicate, from once or twice a week to once or twice a month, according to your instructions, or kept at your disposal in secretariat so that you, or a person of your trust with a document and a written authorization, could pick up your mail during the opening schedule of the offices.
    If you prefer, you could put your courier in charge of withdrawing the mail regularly or according to your needs.
  2. a telephone number with personalized answer that one or more multilingual secretaries will answer to and will manage the calls according your instructions:
    • inform you with a report, sent by email, in real time
    • by an SMS (by your request) or transfer them to you to a land-line number or to your mobile phone (by your request)
  3. a fax number. The in-coming faxes will be forwarded to you by email or fax or managed according to your instructions
  4. the company plate of your business exposed at the elevator’s exit to best point out your presence.

and… you can insert all this data in your non-official documentation, or if you prefer, with the authorization of World Service, you could indicate the registered office of your company in our offices for a more complete image.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us at: 02 – 67.165.1 or 02 – 67.165.231 or send email at info@worldservicesas.it